Speeding up Layer Controls

One of the most time consuming tasks in AutoCAD is layer control, whether it is to show a layer, lock a layer, switch an objects layer, or switch the current layer. Well, here is my solution. Below is a list of my most used layer control commands that have helped me optimize my workflow and avoid having to click the layer drop-down menu on screen. 

MA (Match Properties)
- used to change an objects property to a source object.

LAYFRZ (Layer freeze)
-used to freeze (hide) layer of item selected.

LAYTHAW (Layer thaw)
-used to reveal ALL frozen layers.

LAYLCK (Layer Lock)
-used to lock the layer of item selected. Different from LAYFRZ because the layer is still visible.

LAYULK (Layer Unlock)
-used to unlock layer of item selected.

LAYMCUR (Make Objects Layer Current)
-used to change the current layer to that of the item selected.

LAYCUR (Change to Current Layer)
-used to change item to current layer.

LAYISO (Isolate Layer)
-used to isolate layer of selected item.

LAYUNISO (Restores layers hidden by the LAYISO command)
-used to restore layers hidden by the LAYISO command

For a list of all the Layer commands and their aliases, follow the link below:
AutoCAD L Commands

How have you optimized your layer workflow? I'd love to hear about your techniques.

Stay tuned for more of my tips, tricks, and thoughts, all shared with you.