Fast Tracking Licensure

In one of my previous posts, I spoke about the path aspiring Architects need to take in order to obtain their license. The process ends up being 5 Years of Bachelors of Architecture + 5600 Hours of IDP (Intern Development Program) = Roughly 7.5 Years at the minimum. That's only if you attend an accredited 5 Year Architecture College, but if you didn't then its likely to be 4 Years of Bachelors in Science of Architecture or some equivalent + 3 Years in a Masters of Architecture program. + 7 exams.

It is suggested that you try to do 1 per month, so at the minimum, its 7 months if you pass them all in the first try.

Well.. here is my advice on how to speed things up.


Although the workload in school might seem overwhelming, try to make some time to get some interning experience and training.

This will do two things for you:

1. it will allow you to experience how an architectural office is run, as well as understand the differences between your academic work and professional work.

2. it will allow you to start documenting your hours towards the IDP process, giving you an early start, and thus, finishing ahead of everyone who starts after they graduate.


Check the IDP Guidelines

December 2013 IDP Guidelines - page 13 - Supplemental Experience

There is a list of opportunities to gain hours under the Supplemental Experience Category.
Keep in mind that the experience is separated into items for Core Hours and Elective Hours.

While in school, you might be interested in doing a competition aside from you assigned curriculum. If you are, you are eligible to gain up to 40 hours per area, after approval of a Mentor. Check the guidelines for additional requirements.


Get certified. Also listed under on page 13 of the December 2013 IDP Guidelines are different certifications you can get which will count towards IDP hours. 

From CSI you can get : CCCA, CCS, and CDT certifications
Follow the link for more information:

From GBCI you can get up to 40 hours with LEED AP Credential.
Please be aware that this does not apply if you have the Green Associate.


EPC - Emerging Professionals Companion
This is "an online resource used to help interns gain IDP credit" - 
You can gain up to 1,800 hours with this resource.

The most important piece of advise I can give for anyone wanting to speed up their path to licensure is to read the IDP Guidelines to learn about all the different ways to gain your hours.

There are many ways to licensure, and this is just my take.
What was your path like, and what did you do differently? I'd be interested to know.

As always, feel free to comment, and suggest any other things I may have missed. 

Hope to see you all as a Registered Architects sooner than later!