The Path to Licensure: Architect

As aspiring Architects, students and young professionals have to realize what the path to licensure consists of.

After completing a 5-Year Bachelors of Architecture program, many students may not realize that the journey to licensure has just begun. In addition to obtaining your bachelors degree, aspiring Architects must also complete a total 5600 hours of training, called the Intern Development Program (IDP), which includes both Core Hours and Elective Hours. The IDP process consists of several different categories which you need to gain experience in such as Pre-Design, Design, Project Management, Practice Management, and Supplemental Experience for Elective. These different categories also have a subset of categories. For Example, Pre-Design consists of Programming, Site and Building Analysis, Project Cost and Feasibility, and Planning and Zoning Regulations.

To find out more information and to download the latest IDP Guidelines follow the link below for more information: 

In addition to the experience, the last part of licensure for students is to pass the 7 divisions of the ARE (Architect Registration Exam), which consists of:

1. Programming, Planning, and Practice
2. Site Planning & Design
3. Building Design & Construction Systems
4. Schematic Design
5. Structural Systems
6. Building Systems
7. Construction Documents & Services

Be sure to check  your state's Department of Education for any additional requirements they have in order to obtain your license.

For New York State Residents follow the link for more information:

And finally, after 5 Years of Academia, 5600 Hours of Training, and 7 ARE Divisions later, you can finally legally call yourself an Architect.

Stay tuned for our next segment: Ways to Speed up the IDP Process.

Are you in New York on May 8th, and free from 6PM to 8PM? Be sure to stop by the Center for Architecture for their event: Demystifying the ARE 4.0.

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