Kingsborough Community College - Culinary Beacon

Critic: Joan Krevlin (BKSK Architects)
In Collaboration with Melissa Lopez

The Culinary Beacon is meant to activate the existing rear part of Kingsborough Community College. In its current condition, it is unused and is not an inviting place to be. Our building acts as a Threshold, allowing the public to gain interest in its location while providing the students with an inspiring space to learn. Geared toward the public, the first two main floors are meant to attract the public with its programs, while the third floor is meant exclusively for the culinary students. During the day, the building celebrates the ocean views, while during the night, the buildings circulation - which faces the campus - glows and acts as a symbol. This building is both a symbol of the culinary learning process, as well as a Beacon of interest and activity on the once underutilized site.

- As written on Board 1 (Top Left)

Board 3
Board 4